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In the IT field as well? Come check out a little bit about what I do on a day to day basis.


Canon? Nikon? Sony? No matter what brand you prefer, come check out the photography that I create.


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Martise/Bomber posing with a black hat on wearing a gray polo and red glasses. He has his head slightly tilted with a slight smile on his face.

Martise is a Data Communications Specialist who makes sure the Internet is always running by making sure infrastructure equipment maintains consistent uptime. Martise knows that every second counts when it comes to making sure users stay connected in order to accomplish the company’s goals.Martise has supported his employer making sure infrastructure equipment is upgraded, wireless access points are preforming correctly, and to perform necessary troubleshooting steps to make sure end users are connected onto the network. Currently he is working towards looking for a new challenge in improving his skillset on his journey to becoming a network administrator. Martise holds a Masters in Internet Technology from Pace University.When he is not making sure there is 100% uptime, Martise can be found honing his craft in photography, enjoying Anime and Manga, live streaming, or doing community service with his fraternity brothers.

Hey there! My name is Martise but better known as BomberTank on the Internet. I am a New York based photographer that focuses on product photography. Below are some examples of product shots I have taken. As well as a link to the previous years.


Hey There! I go by BomberTank but call me Bomber. I am a New York based streamer who plays a variety of games. Most times we are catching up and relaxing, playing games, or catching up on some articles found during the week. Make sure to come by and check us out.